1. HOW IS THE ELIOT WADE CASE ASSEMBLED? There are four screws that attach the front bezel to the back of the case. Use the enclosed Eliot Wade Screwdriver & screws that are located in the lower compartment of the display box. Simply pull the velvet tab "up" to access the lower compartment.

2. HOW DO I SILENCE MY RINGER, THERE'S NO ACCESS? You can "mute" your iPhone through Assistive Touch / Accessibility Shortcut. This is done by pressing the home button 3 times quickly. You'll notice a small circle on your home screen. You touch this to access the "mute" function. You can also access this under settings> general> accessibility> accessibility shortcut (at bottom)

3. WHICH IPHONE MODELS WILL THE ELIOT WADE FIT? It will fit the iPhone 6, 7, 8. It will not fit the iPhone X or Plus models.